Few months back Wi-Tribe launched their LTE-A 4.5G service which is the first service provider of it’s kind in Pakistan. I’ve been using Wi-Tribe for a while usually for Gaming purposes and most of the times it works just fine and i find it quite useful compared to other Internet Service Providers.

Wi-Tribe LTE-A Device Overview

The device looks very decent and simple, showcasing a mostly black look with a status lights on the front, The device doesn’t come with antennas. You can’t lay it down flat or mount on a wall.
The back has reset button and offering four GigaBit LAN ports and it comes with LTE-A sim card. The side of the LTE-A modem features WPS button for quickly connecting new devices. The front LED’s are small and not very distracting. The device doesn’t come with USB ports. Over-all the design is very modern. In order to get best signal strength my advice is to place your device near the window at the second floor if possible (depending on your area).

Currently I’m using 250GB internet bundle and it costs around 3,850PKR (including taxes) per month. The connection delivers an average Download Speed of 20Mbps, Upload Speed of 5Mbps with 2-3 signal bars and sometimes even with 1 signal bar but the speed usually drops to 5Mbps in peak hours (from 6PM – 2AM) and the service frequently disconnects + packet loss (4-8%) is common in this time as well.

(Average Download Speed on Steam)

I find the service quite frustrating especially when i’m in a ranked match in Counter Strike :Global Offensive and the service disconnects 2-4 times per hour in peak hours (Not Everyday). Talking about the ping it remains constant most of the times and doesn’t bothers too much.

Most of the Gamers (PTCL users) complains that they face regional ping issue (mostly in Rainbow Six: Seige) and have use Killping in order to fix their ping the targeted region but i never faced that issue with Wi-Tribe.

Before getting the Wi-Tribe connection i used ZONG 4G connection for 1.5 years and kept using it before it’s service went really down. I used to get Download Speed of 50Mbps but after using it for a while the connection was barely stable in my area so i got it disconnected.

Final Review

Summing things up, Wi-Tribe connection is fairly good in some regards if compared to other ISP and i would prefer it over ZONG 4G because of it higher data bandwidth with a fairly reasonable price. The main reason i got my ZONG connection disconnected because of it’s lower data bandwidth and i usually used to charge my account 2 times a month for continuous use but with Wi-Tribe you can freely download much data cause of it’s higher bandwidth packages.


  1. I have been a Wi-Tribe customer for about 4-6 months and I have to say this is by far the worst interest services I have ever experienced. My internet disconnects for 4-5 hours everyday day and trust me I call Wi-Tribe everyday if not everyday then every other day and all they say we’ll forward your complaint to the relevant department and you issues will be resolved within 24 hours and they never call back with 24 hours it takes them at least 3-5 days to call me back in the mean while I am with disturbed internet service, imagine losing 4 hours of service everyday at the very least, but you know what the great thing about them is that the charge me the full monthly bill without any compensation so technically they are thief’s. I have been without internet for the past two day and every time I call them I waste about 10-15 mins of my minutes on the IVR just to get through, and I get the same message you issue will be resolved within 24 hours. I have also request to speak to a supervisor but they always say their isn’t one available and I have also request for a supervisor to call me back and that hasn’t happened yet as well. Even if you service is working properly it only a matter of time till something goes wrong and you’ll be in the same boat as I am. Think about that.


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