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Hmm? Getting a new build are you now? Have it all planned out? Probably No right?
Lets face it, everyone of us has encountered that moment when you cant decide which part you should buy and how much you should spend on it, right? {The parts mentioned in this article are all for a mid-high range PC to run all upcoming games on at least 1080p 60FPS}

Okay before anything else, you need to realize that components such as your CPU,GPU etc. will occupy most of your budget if you’re targeting to build a gaming or rendering PC. Secondly, Items such as RAM,storage need to be deprioritized because they can be spent on afterwards (you will never get enough of storage…for homework purposes of course :3).

The Components!

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Graphics Card
  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • Case

Graphics Card: The spiritual powerhouse of a Gaming PC. This should be your top priority without any doubt. With the Graphics market changing so rapidly it is hard to say at this moment which particular GPU you should buy but ideally it should be something toe to toe with a GeForce GTX 1060/ 2060. Priority: 1!

Processor: Well this is one of the two main parts(Other being the GPU) of a well-balanced gaming system. The CPU shouldn’t be lavishly spent on. A Core i5 8th Gen or a Ryzen 5 will mostly suffice, unless you’re planning to burn money. Priority: 2!

Motherboard: Well the motherboard isn’t exactly a super important element for a mid ranged PC because we aren’t exactly looking to shove M.2 SSDs’ in our system right now. Look for any motherboard which is decently priced. somewhere between 11 to 16 grand PKR depending on your flavor, Ideally an H310 or a B360. Although they aren’t exactly top end, they do pack a hell of a punch!  Priority: =3!

Power Supply: The literal powerhouse of a Gaming PC. Ideally a power Supply should be at the very least 550W, branded, and most importantly  at least bronze certified. I personally have used Corsair power supplies in most of my builds so naturally that would be my recommendation, but you may choose any equivalent. You do not need to spend tonnes of money right now and go for a Modular power supply. Priority =3!

RAM: Important but also up-gradable in the future. 12GB is ideal and will last you a long tenure. Priority 4!

Storage: This is the most flexible component of your system. You do not need more than 1TB. which is highly affordable. You can always upgrade to it. I would recommend a Western Digital Blue 1TB; fast, cheap and reliable. Or it would be optimal if you can save a few more and invest in a 128GB SSD for your operating system. It will give faster boot times and you won’t regret it.
Priority 5!

Casing: The most debatable and flexible part. You can literally get any one you like. Depends on your taste actually.On a low budget even the Corasir Spec 05 can do great, it has a variety of colors, a tempered glass side panel, USB 3.0 coupled with good airflow  and of course it looks mesmerizing! Or if that doesn’t cut it you can always go for the Cooler Master Q300P which is similar in specs but with may more aggressive looks
Priority 6!


Other items such as ODDs are not necessary as they don’t impact your performance and can be bought if one desires to.

Very well then chaps..guess that’s about it for the components. The next article of this family will be published next week and will target on how to choose Monitors. So stay tuned for more.



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