Its that time of the year which excites you months before it actually comes but, when it does, you have no idea what to do with it..again, It’s summer vacations! For gamers we usually have a library full of games but can’t decide which to play first. Hopefully this article helps you find a starting point as we’ll discuss a few decent and good games you can play these summers. So, the titles we will be discussing are not AAA or any other mainstream ones but they do have good graphics so if you’re a graphics junkies like me you will enjoy them.

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One of my personal favorites is Vampyr. Released in 2018, it’s set in the early twentieth century during the Spanish flu, telling the story of an experienced and well respected surgeon who unwillingly becomes a vampire during the epidemic after an encounter he has no memory of. He seeks to find answers as the story progresses, on his way he has to choose between draining victims of blood in order to survive as a vamp or overcome the urges of doing so because he is a doctor and saves lives, not take them. I won’t ruin or spoil the game for you, you can check it out yourself.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Okay, yeah another game about disease, but trust me on this, it’s one hell of a title that’s appreciated by critics and boasts near perfect ratings. Released in 2017, A Plague Tale: Innocence is about two siblings living in France on a journey avoiding rats that cause plague infestation and English soldiers who have invaded the country. They along with the help of a few people find their way through their expedition. It’s hard not to spoil the story and disclose details about this game at the same time, so I’ll just leave this here so you can have a look at it yourself.

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Ashes Cricket.

So cricket games never really sold like hot cakes in the e-games market, well not since Cricket 07, hence neither did this. If you played Cricket 07 like an aficionado as I did, you’ve probably longed for a sequel or at the very least a similar game with newer mechanics. Though Ashes Cricket is not a sequel released in 2017, it definitely does the job of one, it has great systems ratings and gameplay and yes messed up player names as well so it’s definitely a walk down the memory lane for you. Check it out here.

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Well thanks for giving this your time, hopefully you enjoyed the article. Tell us what you think about these games! Catch Y’all around!



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