For the longest time, PC gaming has been stigmatized for being overly priced compared to the popular consoles. However, that statement holds no grounds as PC gaming offers such flexibility. The used market is a goldmine, where you can scavenge for some great deals. In Pakistan, for Rs.50,000 you can build a 1080p setup which will easily play most games at Ultra 60fps.

You are not going to see any RGB or even a decent looking Casing in this build, its all about price to performance.


The mining craze has finally settled down, and the GPU market has stabilized. As such, we can sneak in an RX580 8GB.

The 580 is more than capable of delivering solid performance at 1080p at a reasonable price. A brand new piece will cost Rs.30,000-32,000, but since this is a used build, we picked up one for Rs.23,000 which still has 6 months of warranty left.


The goal of this build is to attain 60fps at 1080p with Ultra settings. As such, the old Ivy Bridge i7-3770 with its 4 cores and 8 threads clocking at 3.40Ghz with a max turbo frequency of 3.90Ghz will suffice for this build.

There is a reason why this very CPU is such a popular choice in Pakistan. For Rs.13,000, you can pick up a CPU that still has enough power to run most games with minimal constraints.


The Ivy Bridge requires a LGA 1155 socket. Just like the processor, the motherboard is also reasonably priced. Depending on the form factor, these boards will range from Rs.2500-5000.

For our build, we have chosen the Intel DH67GD, which we got for Rs.3000. The board has PCIE 3.0, 4 DIMM slots, 5 SATA ports, USB 3.0.


The one component that you should never skimp upon is the Power Supply. A cheap or faulty PSU can potentially fry your entire build. As such, we have chosen the CoolerMaster V650

Even though reputable brands can produce shoddy PSUs (VS series, ahem), CoolerMaster’s V650 Modular unit is a great one to use in any build. Since it’s a 650w one with 80+ Gold rating, it will give room for future upgrades. The PSU was picked up for Rs.3000.


Not much to say here, since 1600mhz kits are usually what these old motherboards support; thus, for Rs.4000 we’re opting for 2×4 1600mhz ram.


As an SSD is not in our budget, we are going to use a Rs. 1500 500GB HDD, which should be sufficient for most people. However, those who want more or faster storage can always upgrade further.


Depending on the shop, a casing is going to net you anywhere between Rs.500-1000. Since these casing are at a complete random, we were blessed with this ancient white casing for Rs.500, which for the price is pretty good.

Total Price: Rs. 48,000

After some cable management, the system will be up and ready to play even the most demanding titles of today.

Depending on your needs, you can allocate the remaining budget of Rs.2000 in either into more storage or a better cooler since these older i7s are quite toasty.


Where to Buy This From?

You can check your local plazas such as Naz, Regal, and Techno in Karachi – Dubai Plaza in Isl/Rwl – Hafeez Center in Lahore.




  1. sir i brought vostro 3669 with core i5 7400… plz guid me how can i upgrade it to run RX 580 or 1060… and plz tell if dell motherboard is ok for that purpose or should i change it too as iam gona change psu….


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