According to updated CPU pricing list from intel, Intel releases the base clock of their Intel i9 7920x 12-core and 24 thread CPU.

It has 2.90GHz base clocks, which is about 400MHz lower than Intel 10-core i9 7900x, 600Mhz lower than 12-core 1920x Threadripper. The boost clock is not announced yet. That being said Intel’s Skylake-X CPU will likely offer a much higher boost clock.  It is going to compete AMD Threadripper 1920x 12-core which is already sitting at 799$ and 1000$ for 16-core known as 1950x, More details here.

Intel i9 7920x is expected to release in mid of August, While other Intel higher-end 14-18 core expected to release in October.


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