Transworld Review

There was a time when you only had a choice between a handful of ISPs such as PTCL, Worldcall, Wi-Tribe, Wateen, and your local providers who would assure you 1Mbps is all you need in life.

Fast forward to today, you can choose from a number of fiber providers including Stormfiber, Nayatel, Fiberlink, Optix, and among others.

However, we’re taking a look at Transworld today. While the name isn’t as popular as Stormfiber per say, Transworld has quite an extensive operation. They are the only private sector organization with exclusive ownership to submarine fiber optic cables. Does this provide an advantage to Transworld and is there any benefit for the end user?

Transworld’s Coverage

At the moment, Transworld only offers its services in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. However, unlike Karachi, the coverage is quite limited in the two cities.





Transworld is currently offering a promotion where you can get an additional 10Mbps on 20Mbps and 30Mbps packages for completely free up until 31st Dec 2019.

The rates are exclusive of applicable taxes.

The hefty installation cost can be paid in installments over a period of 24 months.

The average time for a connection to be installed is 4 working days after the confirmation of payment.


I’m on the aforementioned promotion, where I’m paying for 10Mbps yet I’m getting stable 20Mbps both up and downstream.

How is it for gaming?

Perhaps the most important aspect of this review. In terms of reliability, my experience hasn’t been that great.

It took an additional 34 hours after the installation for the internet to get activated. Since then two months have passed, but I’ve had a few issues with disconnections. There was also a bizarre case when KESC cut down the Fiber in the area which took a day to resolve the first time, and few hours the next time around.


In this regard, I have gotten great pings on all three relevant servers e.g DXB, SEA, and EU.

I have compiled the pings from a few games below:

DOTA 277ms17ms130ms
BF4 155ms
Rainbow Six: Siege77ms139ms
Rocket League
Apex Legends80ms112-120ms
COD: MW128ms

WiFI Strength

They provided a Huawei EG8245H5 router. The WiFi coverage isn’t strong enough to cover an entire floor; hence, you need a repeater/signal extender.


  1. I have Transworld too but my pings are not nearly as good as yours. Are they still the same for you since this post?


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