As PC Gaming is growing in the Pakistan, Many people are coming closer to gaming in recent years. Pakistani Gamers doesn’t lack talent whether it’s eSports or Video Making, There are many YouTubers in Pakistan that make a quality Gaming/Funny Videos. YouTube is a video sharing website which is headquartered in San Bruno, California started in 2005.

Today we will find out the Top 5 Gamers YouTubers in Pakistan which are being followed and viewed by thousands of people.

1. Metal Gaming

Metal Gaming is mostly popular among Gamers who like funny videos, with 60,000+ Metal Gaming is the most subscribed Gaming Youtube Channel in Pakistan. They mostly play GTA San Andreas (SAMP) and many other titles.

  • Channel Link : Metal Gaming
  • Active Since February 2015
  • Total Views : 11.5 Million

2. Hybrid Gamer

Syed Ramish Hussain a.k.a Hybrid Gamer is the second most subscribed YouTuber with almost 30,000 subscribers and he is well known in the gaming community as he as casted Counter Strike :Global Offensive Tournaments including PPG CSGO Tournament 2017. He mostly streams Modern Combat 5,CSGO,Fornite and other titles. He is also working at Gameloft as a Gameloft insider.

  • Channel Link : Hybrid Gamer
  • Active Since September 2016
  • Total Views : 6 Million

3. NBTalks

One of the best Tech related channel in Pakistan, NBTalks is operated by Nauman, The content of the channel mostly revolves around Gaming,PC Parts,Technology,Tips and Tricks. NBTalks basically answer all FAQs on everybody’s mind like Gaming Build Guides,Picking up a right part for your PC and some other helpful stuff. Having 3.8+ Million views on his channel is 3rd best channel with 5200+ followers.

  • YouTube Channel : NBTalks
  • Active Since June 2017
  • Total Views : 3.8+ Million

4. Umerzmania

Real name Muhammad Umer, Umerzmaina is a Youtuber as well as a Caster with 1600+ subscribers. Umerzmaina is well known for his style of playing games and content creating like funny series. He has also casted CSGO Tournaments with Hybrid Gamer and mostly plays CSGO,Rust,PUBG and some other games.

  • YouTube Channel : Umerzmaina
  • Active Since March 2017
  • Total Views : 156 Thousand

5. XennoNPK

XeonPK a gaming Youtube channel that uploads mostly about latest game and their benchmarks. Rehan Ali Khan is running the channel with 150K+ views on 120 videos however the amount of the followers is only 310. He has tested and benchmarked many games that includes Assassins Creed :Origins,Final Fantasy XV,PUBG and many other AAA titles.

  • Youtube Channel : XenoNPK
  • Active Since April 2017
  • Total Views : 156 Thousand

Honorable Mentions


Shkafity a.k.a Abdul Rafay is a passionate Youtuber with great talent and a potential to become a best content maker. He is a great entertainer and people love his videos however the amount of followers isn’t pretty good as he only has 275+ subscribers on Youtube. The games he mostly plays are PUBG,Fornite and CSGO.

  • Youtube Channel : Shkafity 
  • Active Since October 2016
  • Total Views : 8.8 Thousand


Mythica real name Ayesha Samman is one of the most popular public figure and first female caster in the Pakistan’s Gaming Community. She has casted many CSGO tournaments and she mostly streams CSGO and Rainbow Six :Seige on her channel which has 1600+ subscribers.

  • Youtube Channel : Mythica 
  • Active Since October 2015
  • Total Views : 51 Thousand

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