Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set to receive a PVP mode called ‘Ghost War‘ this fall as a free update. This mode will allow 2 teams of 4 players each to duke it out against each other. Players will be able to choose from a total of 6 character classes. Classes are specialized and each one will have different strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to upgrade your classes for increased effectiveness.

Ghost Recon : Wildlands –  PVP Mode Trailer “Ghost War”

The players will fight each other in a 4v4 format and the team that successfully manages to wipe the opposing players will win. Players will be able to revive team mates if they go down. The mode also introduces some new features, such as the ability to detect the origin of gunshots, and a  suppression system where you and your teammates can limit an opposing player’s vision by constantly shooting at them even though they are behind cover. These additions will force players to carefully think and strategize their efforts rather than go in all guns blazing.

Maps will be based on the various in games locations and may appear differently each time with changing weather, lighting and time of day. All maps will be set out differently and will different tactics and teamplay.

No date was specified for the Ghost War release but it was announced that the update will be released some time around fall. Players will be able to participate in an open beta to test the mode before the actual release later this summer.


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