As we already know Intel’s 8th and 9th generation processors can work on the older motherboards through a BIOS alteration.

Finnish overclocking enthusiast “Luumi” posted a video demonstrating the insane overclock of 5.50Ghz on all cores on the i9-9900K. This was done on the ASrock Z170M OC formula Micro-ATX motherboard. And yes, the overclocked processor was stable in CineBench and Prime95.

According to Intel, it released the 300-series chipset platform to ensure the 6-core “Coffee Lake” processors have motherboards which boast a powerful VRM setup to compensate for the increased core count. However, the controversy dictates that Intel only created the superficial limitation between 300-series and older LGA 1151 platforms just so motherboard vendors have a product to sell after every two generations.

AMD does not follow the same policy as its AM4 platform is supported for three generations up to 2020.

You can check out “Luumi’s” overclocking video here.




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