Ever since the first teaser came out for the winter map, the community was eager and excited to experience the new map. However, the new update has not been that kind to the players as it brought a myriad of issues.

Performance Degradation

Loss In FPS: A majority of players are reporting significant FPS loss on the new map. Contrary to popular belief, this issue isn’t only plaguing people with budget builds as people with enthusiast grade hardware are suffering from the same fate. – FIX: None.

Massive Stutters: While a drop in FPS is rampant, numerous players are also experiencing erratic stutters even while just simply running through an empty field. These stutters are present even on the Very Low preset while at Ultra the intensity increases. -FIX: None.

Marshmallow textures: The ancient texture bug appears to be back for some players. The marshmallow bug entails buildings not rendering up for few seconds after you have landed. This can be detrimental if you have enemies around you. Unlike the other issues, only few people are experiencing this. -FIX: Defrag your HDD.

Fullscreen Issue: This problem was present in the test servers and people expected it to be fixed when the new map went live, but that was not the case. As of right now, PUBG is running at Windowed Fullscreen which is tanking the performance. -FIX: Go to settings, set to windowed full screen, and then immediately switch it back to full screen.

PING Issue: The new update did not only ruin the performance but it has also affected the ping to the extent the game is unplayable. Prior to the update, I would get 120ms on SEA, but not I am mostly connected to locations where the ping is no less than 390ms and in some rare instances 220ms. -FIX: Use VPNs such as Mudfish and Outfox. 

Issues aside, the new map is mesmerizing and tons of fun to play on. PUBG Corp. needs to address these optimization and server issues as soon as possible since for a lot of people, the game is in an unplayable state.


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