AMD is on a great run recently, they just recorded a rise in their stocks and have made bold predictions for the upcoming year. AMD’s revenue grew by 23%, which marked a consecutive year of double-digit revenue growth.

AMD’s performance is also remarkable in comparison to Nvidia which lost half-a-billion dollars from its revenue in the last quarter. Nvidia also experienced a drastic drop of 15% in its share in a single day.

Even though the red team has been experiencing great success over the past year or so, various industry analysts suggest that AMD’s objectives for 2019 are too aggressive.

Lisu Su – AMD CEO, disagrees with this opinion. In an interview, she gave her thoughts on these talks and went over the 2019 guidance figures. She believes the company’s new products will continue pushing its success throughout 2019:

“Certainly there are some concerns about what’s going on in China… let’s not major on those things, let’s major on the product story.”

“We think our products, especially our 7nm products in the datacentre and on PCs, are going to be extremely competitive. We’ll be first to 7nm in 2019… and that’s a big competitive advantage.”

AMD is launching the first consumer 7nm GPU next week. The Radeon VII will finally fill the void left by AMD in the high end segment of the GPU market. However, the main product by the red team to look out for is the 7nm CPU which will release as the Ryzen 3rd Gen processors.

“We added $1.2 bn of new revenue, and it’s really on the basis of products and product momentum,” says Dr. Su. “That’s been our story over the last few years and it’s about gaining market share, and particularly we were very pleased with our PC market and our datacentre results.”

AMD’s 2018 success can be attributed to its lineup of CPUs, which it aims to further improve this year.

AMD might also launch its 7nm GPUs this year. This lineup known as Navi, has the potential of dethroning Nvidia.


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