T-DAGGER is a brand from Eastern Times technology China that makes E-sports products which include gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, and gamepads. T-dagger Atlas T-RGH201 Headset is a fit option for new gamers who are still figuring out their gaming preferences, or gaming looks for a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. This review will go over the main features, the recommendation regarding the T-RGH201 variant, and evaluating whether it is a good option for gamer on a budget that isn’t willing to compromise on quality.



  • Brand: T-Dagger
  • Series: Atlas Gaming Headset
  • Model: T-RGH201
  • Speaker 40mm Bass Driver
  • Cable Length 2.1m
  • Colour Black/Green
  • Speaker diameter: ø40mm
  • Connecting type: 3.5mm x 2 +USB


  • Stereo Support
  • Good quality sounds in bass, Mediant, High pitch
  • Bass + mid audio boost
  • Single color backlight
  • High Sensitivity Omni-Directional Gooseneck Microphone

Box and its contents:

It’s a pretty standard unboxing experience. T-Dagger Atlas comes packaged inside a matte black with the glossy printed headphone on the center of it. There is a T-Dagger logo on the top right corner of the box and Atlas Headset printed on the bottom right. Behind the box includes all the details and features of the headphone with the same glossy printed headphone on the right of the box and their Logo on the top with listed on the left side. Inside the box comes a flip-over cardboard box which consists of the headphones only.



T-Dagger Atlas is a wired stereo headset, features a jet black design with an attached microphone. The headset features a double wired metal frame surrounded by a plastic rubber coating. Below the frame is an elastic leatherette headband. The headband is well stitched with a T-Dagger printed in the center of it. The headband is self extendable and shrinkable which is suitable for both narrow or large heads.


The ear cans are made of plastic which looks durable and features a matte black finish. The exterior of the ear cans has a T-Dagger logo Symbol with a static green backlight. The logo is covered with a metal-framed mesh surrounded by a light green border. They have stated in the headphone features list that the headphone backlight supports breathing mode. But it works in static mode only. However, let’s get back to the topic. The earcups are of good quality leatherette with its interior fabric features a red dotted finish. The left earcups include a volume knob, an attached microphone, and non-braided wire.The microphone is made of plastic.


T-Dagger Atlas looks durable enough in design, but it does not feel comfortable. The headphone is very tight to wear. It does cover both of my ears in its soft ear cushions with its grip but it’s applying too much pressure around my ears. Hence leading me to headaches after 20 minutes. The 2nd downside in its comfort is it feels heavy. It weighs 700g. The headband, however, came in good use, its soft and comfortable.

Sound and microphone quality:

So we have talked about the design and looks of the T-Dagger Atlas headset. Looks wouldn’t matter if it doesn’t perform up to the mark. Right?

Let me start the performance review by stating that I am really impressed with its sound quality along with comparing it to price. With its 40mm drivers in the ear-cans, it performed well in the lower and middle frequencies but lacked a little in higher frequencies. While playing with the equalizer settings, the bass worked well with pushing it to the max without dropping the sound in middle and high frequencies. And for treble, I felt a minor difference in treble boost when lifting up the higher frequencies. For E-Sports games like CS:GO, I was able to track down long-distance footsteps easily. The stereo system works well in pointing out the direction of the footsteps.

Mic performance is not good not bad either. But that is just acceptable for its price. The mic was a little noisy and catching a lot of unnecessary sounds from behind. I think mic gain was on maximum by default. My teammates most of the time used to complain about the sound of the keyboard when I was communicating with them while playing MP titles. However, by adjusting Mic gain from windows, I didn’t have any considerable issues.


The T-Dagger Atlas is definitely a good option for buyers on a budget of around Rs. 2500 or below. The build quality is good, as you wouldn’t be worried about accidental drops. The headset also looks decent. With the Sound performance, it’s fit for listening to music and for gamers who willing to have a decent footsteps/ hearing in E-sport games. The headphones, however, was not comfortable to wear for long periods of gaming as putting the strain on the head. But that might not be an issue for everyone.


  • Soft ear cushions and comfortable headband.
  • It can be used for both narrow and long heads.
  • Good quality in sounds.


  • Not comfortable for long terms.
  • A little bit heavy in weight.
  • The microphone is a bit noisy.


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