Swiftech has introduced for the first time, a fully customizable water block that can allow user to mix and match parts to complete theme their system and custom loops to their desire.

Apogee SKF Heirloom series

The series is called the Heirloom series. This is a limited edition model based on the Apogee SKF, which features a much more densely packed fin layout, with each individual fin being less than 125 microns thick. Swiftech claims this new design is at least “one generation” ahead of the competition and should result in market leading cooling performance.

Apogee SKF Performance Charts

Those of you looking for a custom look, or simply to color match your system, will no doubt like the fact that the new Heirloom Series blocks will be available in five different finishes, with cover plates that come in a 6 colors, 8 logo colors, and two different color mounting brackets. Swiftech even offers (for an additional charge) a custom engraving option for up to sixteen characters on the water block for even more personalization. This allows for a multitude of different combinations and style options.

Swiftech said this is the first of many “Heirloom Series” events. This event will run for either four weeks or until the company’s stock of fin plates is depleted, whichever comes first. Future events are planned for other components such as GPU water blocks, reservoirs, and radiators. These new CPU blocks can be pre-ordered now for $95. Shipping begins in August.


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