Many people including myself was facing this issue. Basically if you have good skins (CSGO,Dota 2) in your Steam profile inventory than random people will send you spam invites with their referral links or code included in the group invites. People usually get 5-7 or more invites in a single day. Many will try to scam you as well so be careful with that.

It is very simple, you just have to set up your steam profile’s inventory status to friends only.

How To Stop Free Skins Group Invites on Steam?

  1. Open your Steam App
  2. Click on your Profile Name which will be right next to the Community button.
  3. Click on Edit Profile 
  4. Click on your My Privacy Settings 
  5. Set your Inventory status to Friends Only

Note : If you apply these settings people won’t be able to send you a trade offer. Make your Inventory status to public if you want to send and receive trade offers.

After applying these settings random people and scammers won’t be able to spam on your profile. Stay tuned with PPG for more tips.


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