Ethereum is one of the most popular Crypto-Currencies is now becoming more problematic to mine. The value of Ethereum is now less than half of what it was around a month ago. As a result aptness is way down and many miners are putting their Graphics Card up for sale on Online Marketplace sites while it is difficult to predict anything when it comes to Crypto-Currencies.

It is expected that the prices of the GPUs which are being used for mining will come back to normal in the upcoming weeks and This is a good thing for Gamers. PC Gamers were facing the GPU shortage in the market the whole time. Many were not able to find a suitable GPU to game on it. If someone was lucky enough to find one but were not able to purchase because an RX 480,580 and GTX 1060 was costing $400-500 (45,000PKR+).

It is an advice for Gamers who are looking to get a GPU as soon as they can, Don’t go for a Second Hand Graphics Card as miners have already flooded the market with their used GPUs. You should better wait for the new stock and than buy your desired GPUs.

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