Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a brand new AAA title that has excited many PC gamers through its gameplay and graphics. However, it launched with an FPS cap of 60fps for all platforms, including PC. Many enthusiast gamers were disappointed with this decision as they could not enjoy high refresh rate gaming on this title despite having the hardware to run it. Recently though, a modder by the name of ‘jackfuste’ has uploaded a mod that allows users to unlock the framerate on the PC version.

There is a caveat however, by unlocking the framerate users have reported that they encountered bugs and glitches. Accordingly, users will have to compromise some stability in order to enjoy the high refresh rate on this title.

Moreover, since this isn’t an official method from the developers themselves, it’s performance is likely going to vary on different PC configurations. This also means that reviewers most likely won’t use the mod to compare PC hardware performance; due to its unreliability.

The mod can be downloaded from here. The “sekiro.exe” has to be extracted using Steamless –, and then you have to run the patcher and apply it to sekiro.exe.


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