In just the past 3 years, Pakistan has seen a massive influx of new brands in the PC market. However, most of these brands catered to the budget and mid tier consumers as Pakistan still lacks the Tier A brands like Be Quiet, EVGA, and Fractal Design to name a few. However, the crème de la crème of PSU manufacturers Seasonic is finally here in Pakistan with a few models of PSUs to kick off their endeavors.

Seasonic Pakistan

We are extremely proud to announce that PPG is Seasonic’s exclusive partner in Pakistan and these units will be rolling out in stores near you by the 1st week of July.

Seasonic requires no introduction, but if you were living under “Thunder” Storm, they are considered as one of the most premium brands out in the PSU market. However, we still managed to introduce their units at a competitive price in the Pakistani market. The most important thing is, they are offering a FREE-REPLACEMENT in any case of damage in the lower-end units in specifically.

It is a huge milestone to have Seasonic in Pakistan and hopefully other Tier-A brands follow suit.



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If this is your first time buying a PC, you can use our guide to learn how to assemble it: Build Your Own PC: Guide


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