The Western Digital Corporation had announced their newest MicroSD card which is offering a whooping 400GB storage capacity, SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC card is the largest commercially available MicroSD card in the world. Some people might consider it an overkill but this SD card will also work on Nintendo Switch and will be ideal for the users.

Previously, Western Digital set a record two years ago when they released their 200GB microSD card, This means that SanDisk has doubled the capacity of their MicroSD cards in just two years because of their unique manufacturing technology which granted them to fit almost half a terabyte of data storing capacity into a single memory module.

SD card feature UHS-I standards which means it can offer transfer rate of up-to 100MB/s, with 400GB storage capacity which allows the users to store up-to 40 hours of Full-HD video on their mobile devices.

SanDisk 400GB MicroSD card is expected to retail for $249.99, will be available to purchase directly or from major retailers around the globe.


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