After Bulldozer fail Intel dominance in market AMD took revenge to a whole new level AMD inserted four new SKUs in the Ryzen 5 series competes Intel Core i5 lineup. There are however also Non-X models and X models.

Ryzen 5 Lineup:

  • R5 1600x : (Frequency: 3.6 GHz Precision Boost) 6 Cores / 12 Threads @229$ USD
  • #1 new release on Amazon US 
  • R5 1600 : (Frequency: 3.6 GHz Precision Boost) 6 Cores / 12 Threads @209$ USD  
  • #1 best selling chip in Amazon UK
  • R5 1500x : (Frequency 3.7 Ghz Precision Boost) 4 Cores / 8 Threads @189$ USD
  • R5 1400 : (Frequency 3.4 Ghz Precision Boost) 4 Cores / 8  Threads @159$ USD.


  • Beats Intel 7500 and Intel 7600K in multi-threaded apps, 1600x is 16% faster than 7600K in CPU tests.
  • Features SMT/HTT (which competing Intel Core i5 quad-core chips lack).
  • Single-Threaded performance 52% IPC over previous Gen.
  • Unlocked multiplier any R5 CPU can be overclocked.
  • Heat sink included in R5 1600,1500x,1400.
  • Platform updated to include latest features (PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1, NVMe).

Thoughts :

I believe at 200 bucks 1600 is offering 6 Cores / 12 Threads it is best processor for light content creation,  for daily use, gaming and streaming at same time and offers better performance than Intel Core i5 and future proof which is great if you’re looking for a budget build, This CPU is highly recommended with B350 $99.99 motherboard offers memory overclocking and quality features or pick 1500x which is Quad Core CPU with 8 Threads and still good for today games.


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