Resident Evil is a survival horror video game developed and released by Capcom and it is one of the successful franchises for Capcom. After the end of Resident Evil 7, we already knew Capcom is going to work on Resident Evil 8 soon. Now its in an early development.

There is an interesting Resident Evil 8 leak out there which points out that Resident Evil 8 is already in works. A twitter user named EVIL VR who claims to be working for Capcom, reveals the notes about Resident Evil 8. As their early notes for Resident Evil 2 Demo is valid, the new leak can be probably legitimate.

The notes suggest that Resident Evil 8 will be taking place in an abandoned island where the secret laboratory is located with the story focusing on uncovering the truth behind the creation of bio-weapons, like Eveline from Resident Evil 7.

Moreover, Unlike RE7’s first person perspective, Capcom decided to make Resident Evil 8 to support third person perspective due to fans praising in the RE2 Remake’s third person perspective at E3 2018.

Evil VR also points that Capcom will not launch Resident Evil 8 before Resident Evil 3 Remake. Also there are no words if Resident Evil Code veronica is considered to be remade. They also points that Capcom has no interest in remaking Resident Evil 4,5 and 6. They are working on only two games which are RE3 Nemesis Remake and RE8.

These leaks are not concrete so take all of this with a massive pinch of salt as the company hasn’t said a word about this project. But we will be looking forward to what will be announced next.


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