Some slides have leaked that appears to showcase some the roadmap for AMD desktop processors and APUs planned to be release on 2018 and 2019. According to the slide AMD’s Zen 2 series of CPUs are absurd to release in 2018, something that is expected earlier given the ongoing state of Globalfoundries’ 7nm manufacturing operations.

AMD Matisse and Picasso

These slides certify that AMD’s planned processors which are Pinnacle Ridge (based on Ryzen Refresh 12nm), Matisse (based on Zen 2), Raven Ridge and Picasso will all release on the same socket and same architecture, but with more performance which confirms that AMD will continue to use their AM4 platform until at least 2019.


On the GPU side,The ‘leaked’ roadmap shows the VEGA 20 Graphics Card is expected to move to PCI-e 4.0 and would launch somewhere in the third quarter of 2018.

Ryzen 5 PRO APU

The AMD Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile APU is rigged with Vega graphics which is faster than Bristol A12 APU and Intel’s Kabylake’s integrated graphics,The slide showcases some impressive CPU and GPU performance when compared to Intel’s Kaby Lake processors.

There is no way to verify these slides at the moment and none of the news can be confirmed as official,The information which is showcased is pretty much what we can expect from AMD.

Source : Informatica Cero


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