2019 got a pretty good start for games with the Resident Evil 2 Remake released at the 1st of its month, for which a lot of its fans waited greatly for the game to be released. Resident Evil 2 Remake is a Survival Horror game which officially comes with the third person perspective camera angle (over the shoulder). From the Resident Evil series, only Resident Evil 7 got the first person perspective view from the series. Capcom decided to go back to third person perspective view in Resident Evil 2 Remake as the fans were praising in the RE2 Remake’s third person perspective at E3 2018.

We know you have already played the game or might have finished it, now there’s something new that you can try. A mod which lets you play the game in first person view. The mod is created by a Github user Praydog and is available for download for free. The mod is currently in beta or work in progress state so note that you might face several bugs with this mod.

How to install Resident Evil 2 FPP Mod.

  1. Download all the files from this link
  2. Extract the files into your RE2 folder.
  3. Now download the latest binary from AppVeyor.
  4. Extract dinput8.dll into your RE2 folder.
  5. Run Install_vs2017.bat file.
  6. The mod will be available to use during the game on next launch.

After installation, run the game and enable the mod from the console menu and set the FOV and other camera options as you like.


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