Red Dead Redemption came out 9 years ago on Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and ever since then PC gamers have been longing for a release. While people lost hope for a proper port years ago, few devoted individuals have created an emulator which is capable of playing Red Dead Redemption, albeit with some issues.

Through RPCS3 emulator, you now have the ability to run RDR on your PC. However, the performance is quite poor as of now. ZEROx on Youtube uploaded some gameplay on his channel few days ago, in which he was playing at 30fps locked. The important thing to note is, this was played on the i9-9900k, so for the average person the performance might be drastically different.

As the RPCS3 emulator is still under development, this sort of performance is understandable. The project is going to receive constant updates, so hopefully in couple of months the average person can run RDR on their system.



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