Rainbow Six: Siege is set to receive its next operation update today; September 11, 2019. After three weeks of testing on the technical test server, Operation Ember Rise will release on the live servers on all platforms today. A summary of this season is as follows:
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise Exclusive Details ...
The two new operators are Amaru and Goyo, attacker and defender respectively, bringing with them completely unique gadgets. Amaru uses a grappling hook which can quickly rappel her into any window, roof, ledge, or even hatch, while Goyo has deployable shields that hold a jerry can of gas on them which explodes into fire. Besides operators, a map that really needed to be reworked has finally been given some love: Kanal.
With the new update, Ubisoft’s new Pilot Program will also be made available, featuring uniform, headgear, gun, and charm sets of some of the best teams currently in Rainbow Six’s ESL Pro League. These skins will only be purchasable with R6 credits however, with part of the revenue being shared with the esports organizations.
Find out more about the update and play it for yourself when it drops on the following times:
PS4: PS4: 9 AM EDT / 6 PM PKT
Xbox One: 10 AM EDT / 7 PM PKT
PC: 11 AM EDT / 8 PM PKT
Official Ubisoft Page:


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