The year of 2020 is been rough for the people of all lifestyle, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the people to stay at home and avoid public interaction for their own protection. In these times people fine themselves having alot of time and basically nothing special to do all the day. Many people go for the television entertainment which include Netflix etc and some choose to stay interactive by playing Video Games with their family and friends.

Cougar Conquer 2

We have prepared a fine build guide for those people who have decided to enter in the world of PC Gaming. In this guide we will be focusing on the Computer Market of Pakistan talking about the sudden price increase in the quarantine period and what is causing all this. Before the lockdown the PC Component prices were all pretty reasonable, you can get the idea why we are saying this. Before the lockdown the mostly sold processor the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 was selling for about 34,000PKR but now it is being sold for about 40,000PKR and that a hefty bump in price all of sudden.

The Sellers are claiming that most of their shipments are being stuck because of the pandemic and there is no stock available to sell in the Pakistani Computer Market. In this already tiresome situation most of the Gamers are facing alot of trouble in building a Gaming PC specially with New PC Parts.

But the alarming thing is not only the prices of the new PC Components have been rapidly increased the used Graphics Card prices have also been effects alot. The mostly sold GPUs in the market which includes AMD Radeon RX 560,570 4GB,580 8GB and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050,1050Ti,1060 3GB,1060 6GB prices have been increase by a huge margin too. To get an idea before the lockdown the AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB could be easily bought around 13,500 to 14,000PKR but is not being sold for minumum 18,000PKR.

But the good news is there is about little to no price bump in used PC Parts which includes Intel Core i5 2nd/3rd Generation processor and motherboard bundles and related products. This means you are in the green zone if you looking to build a low range system.

However you can still get yourself a good High-End Gaming PC in a reasonable price, here’s how.

1. Get Your PC Quotation From Different Shopkeepers, to be precise you should make sure that whatever you are seeking to get for yourself you are getting it at a right price. Sellers 1 might be selling stock in a higher price compared to Seller 2 or Seller 3. By exploring the Computer Market you can pretty much save about 10,000 to 15,000PKR on a High-End Gaming PC.

2. Try To Buy The PC Directly From The Shopkeeper, Not From A Reseller, this might sound a bit weird but most of the times the Reseller will offer you a price which is much higher compared to a shopkeeper as he will be taking his cut from the whole PC you will build with his reference. There are many more things to it but in short always contact the shopkeeper himself, you will get fine prices most of the time.

3. Always Buy Your PC Parts From A Reputed or Verified Seller, looking for a the lowest prices is not always the good idea, you might find some PC Parts in a bit lower price but what’s matter the most is the condition of the components. For a long and stable run you need your parts in most fine condition, this specially includes Non-Mined Graphics Card and component in good condition. Buying used parts is always risky so make sure you get these from a Reputed or Verified Seller.

4. A Good Customer Service After You Have Bought Your PC Parts, as a Community Manager i have quite an experience, we get many complains that After the buying the Computer they get what they have not order or it is not in the condition as it was shown to them. Most of times these are some sellers who misguide their clients and get them to buy what they have in stock which only benefits them and their business. So make sure you buy only from Sellers who provide good customer service even if you have to pay a bit more.

We hope that after all of the information we have mentioned will help you choosing the right PC Parts for yourself and if you are wondering where can get these parts we will save you the hassle by leaving a list of our Community Verified and Reputed Seller below.

1. Games and Geeks PK (Lahore)

Address: Shop No. 31, 3rd Floor, Hafeez Center, Lahore.

Facebook Page: Click Here

2. RB Tech&Games (Lahore)

Address: Shop No. 12-A, 2nd Floor, Hafeez Center, Lahore.

Facebook Page: Click Here

3. TEXON-WARE (Karachi)

Address: G-155 & G-156 Naz Digital Plaza M.A Jinnah Road, Kiamari, Karachi.

Facebook Page: Click Here

4. GamaZone (Karachi)

Address: G-175 Naz Digital Plaza M.A Jinnah Road, Kiamari, Karachi.

Facebook Page: Click Here

5. (Karachi)

Address: G-106 Naz Digital Plaza M.A Jinnah Road, Kiamari, Karachi.

Facebook Page: Click Here

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