The very first Pakistani PC Gamers CS:GO Tournament 2017 hosted by PPG has come to an end with Team RaiJ1N managing to pull through and winning the tournament against Team Howls in the final match, with a score of 2-1 in the favor of RaiJ1N, Steel Esports being the 2nd runner up losing to Team Howls in the losers bracket.

Top 3 Team of The Tournament – 40 Keys (1st Place) – 5 Keys (2nd Place) – 5 Keys (3rd Place)

Team Howls put up a great performance throughout the running of the tournament, consistently winning matches and staying in the winner’s bracket till the final, but they were thwarted by Team RaiJ1N, who despite having been sent to the losers bracket in the quarter finals.

The tournament was setup with double elimination brackets. The brackets for the tournament were as follows:

PPG CS:GO Tournament 2017 (Brackets)

Of course, being our first effort at hosting a tournament, it wasn’t without its fair share of problems, ranging from server issues, connection problems, stream lagging etc, but we still managed to pull through with a successful conclusion to the tournament

Team PPG wishes the winning team congratulations and we fully intend to host another Tournament or LAN, bigger and better, next year. We want to thank the community for their support and hope they’ll show even greater enthusiasm in the coming year.


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