Well chaps! We all are well aware that AMD has recently struck the market with the new line of GPUs! Well we were just recovering from the massive release of the RX 590 scheduled for 15th November, when PowerColor took us aback! Lads and Lasses please welcome the PowerColor Red-Devil RX 590!.

The Red Devil RX 590!

Well on paper this beast packs a massive punch boasting the 12nm architecture, in addition to a boost clock of 1576Mhz which is a 17% greater increase over its predecessor. We can expect it to top out at around 1650-1670 Mhz!!That extra performance does not even come with a higher power demand than a 580.

In all honesty it does look a little typical and orthodox. It resembles the accents present on a standard MSi aftermarket GPU, with an (8+6) pin connector which does sound kinda old. But on the bright side it does provide immense power efficiency and much higher thermal protection coupled with the (6+1) multi phases board design. There are nickel plated heat pipes 8mm & 6mm thick for ideal heat dissipation. The GPU Sports a mechanism that automatically turns the fans off when tyhe temperature falls below 50 degrees Celcius. Silent,Efficient & Deadly.

Graphic Engine Radeon RX 590
Stream Processor 2304 Units
Video Memory 8GB GDDR5
Engine Clock Up to 1576MHz
Memory Clock 2000MHz (8.0Gbps)
Memory Interface 256bit
BUS Standard PCIE 3.0
Standard Display Connectors DL-DVI-D/HDMI/DP X3
DirectX Support 12
Power Connector One 6-pin + One 8-Pin PCIE Power Connector
Minimum System Power Requirement 650W

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Oh and by the way the GPU comes with a 3 game bundle of Resident Evil 2, The Division and Devil May Cry 5. All which are worth an astounding total of 180$. Available on selected online retailers.

Well its a powerhouse!!!! However this is only on paper! We dont know its full potential yet! Stay tuned for more lads!

Till then,

Major Source: Video Cardz


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