It is no secret that PUBG is now the one of best selling game which is still in Early Access. Playersunknown’s Battlegrounds is an battle royale shooter game and has been raking top in sales and attracting new players at an amazing rate.

It also offering (First Person) server only on which you can play in FPS Mode as well as the original (Third Person) servers.

Previously, It surpassed CSGO in top players count which was over 500,000 active players and it has also defeated the most played Dota 2 on Steam making it the top game on Steam (at the time of writing).

There are 8 millions copies which has been sold on steam and more people are purchasing this game everyday. PUBG’s position in the top slot might not last long as Dota 2 often bluster over a million active players on any given day.


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