I’ll be breaking down the PC vs console debate into several categories to help you make the decision for yourself, Both have their own leagues of fans, and their own pros and cons.

Affordability :

PC gaming is more affordable than it ever was but it is still a bit more expensive compared to the consoles. You have to be extremely good at snagging discount parts and waiting for sales if you can build a decent Gaming PC for 50,000-60,000 PKR. But that doesn’t mean that Console Gaming is the best value for most gamers.

You can get yourself a Previous-Gen Console in Pakistan for as low as 10,000-20,000 PKR and New-Gen Consoles for 30,000-40,000 PKR. But you will need to spend alot of money on buying games, which is why many people prefer gaming on a PC.

PC gamers have access to services like Steam where games that are $60 on consoles regularly go on sale for 50-75% off. You can often purchase five or six awesome games for the price of one console game, during Steam’s famous summer sales. But still most of the PC gamers in Pakistan take the easiest way out and choose to pirate games through torrents and other means whether they can afford the games or not.

Graphics :

One of the hottest topics in the PC vs Console wars is Graphics,which platform provides the best visuals?

Well, the obvious answer to this question is that in majority of the games the PC provides the better/best visual performance. Consoles will need to step up their game if they really want to beat the PC in terms of visual performance.

Performance :

There’s no doubt that most of the games perform much better on the PC as compared to the consoles, there’s no comparison between 30 locked FPS on the consoles and smooth 60+ FPS gaming on a PC. even on the next-gen consoles you can face performance issues where games can sometimes dip down to 25-20 FPS if they’re locked at 30 FPS or 40-50 FPS if the game is one of those that can provide 60 FPS like Battlefield 1.

That being said its not like all the games on the PC can run at 60 FPS constant, you can also face FPS drops if you have a Gaming Rig worth 200K PKR. it all depends on how good the game is optimized by the developers.

Overall you will get a much better FPS performance on the PC as compared to the consoles in most of the games.

Pros of PC Gaming :

  • Better Frames Per Second Performance.
  • Cheaper Games.
  • Easier to Upgrade.
  • Better at Multi-Tasking.
  • Better accuracy in shooting-games.
  • Freedom of using Joystick or Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Better Graphics.
  • Mods!

Cons of PC Gaming :

  • Constantly need to upgrade drivers and softwares.
  • Frequent game Crashes/Freezes.
  • Compatibility Issues with PC hardware.
  • Hackers in Multiplayer games sometimes ruin the gaming experience.
  • Expensive to build a decent Gaming PC.

Pros of Console Gaming :

  • Easier for casual gaming on the couch.
  • First/Third Party Quality Blockbuster Exclusives.
  • No cheating/No hackers in Multiplayer gaming.
  • More Simple to Use than the PC

Cons of Console Gaming :

  • Harder to Upgrade than the PC.
  • Buying games is expensive.
  • No Mods.
  • Less Graphical Options

In the end, it’s all about personal preference and what you think is a better choice for yourself.


  1. first Question:
    Sir ap budget btaskta hain fifa 19 COD wagera ka gaming PC ktna tk ka bnjyega ?

    Second Question :
    Sir fifa 19 CODww2 NFS payback GTA 5 Assasin creed far Cry battlefiled and or bhi new games ka liye konsa konsa graphic card sahi hain but budget graphic card.advice dydn plz ?

    Waiting for kind response


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