Whenever a person decides to start gaming he basically have two options, PC or Console platform. He/She will always focus on enjoying the games whether they decide on sit down on a sofa and relax or gear up for gaming on a PC.

According to a survey there a 1.22+ Billion PC Gamers in the world and on the other side there are 638+ Millions Console Gamers worldwide who prefer PS4,XB1 and other platforms. People who prefer competitive gaming and want play games on the best possible settings with 60+ FPS prefers PC. A PC Gamer has many options of what he wants to build in his desired budget, Gamers on a budget will always go for the best parts to get the maximum performance out of it while a Hardcore Gamers and enthusiast will lookout for the best possible gears for his PC.

A Console Gamer don’t have many choices to choose a platform whether he will a PlayStation or Xbox for Hardcore Gaming or other platform if he’s a Casual Gamer.

PC vs Console

PC Gamers definitely have a edge over Console Gamers as they can play games on more FPS 60-144+ and presets depending on the build while Console Gamers always enjoy exclusives on their platforms like God of War,Uncharted and others. A Console Gamer can enjoy games with no worries of upgrading it’s platform while a PC Gamer on a budget build will be required to upgrade his PC for gaming in future.

In the West, The economic condition of most of the Gamers are much better than the most of the Asian countries that’s why the amount of piracy is much minimum when compared to others. They can enjoy the goodness of legit gaming with full support of the developers.

PC vs Console (Pakistan)

Talking about the gaming scenario in Pakistan, Most of Gamers prefer PC. You might be thinking why? Because most of the PC Gamers in Pakistan are pirates. Standard AAA titles cost around $60 which is 6,000+PKR while the pocket money of a average gamer is around $2-3/day but this situation is changing as the more steam store games are being localized and people are now starting to buy most of the games they play.

Now days building a PC has become more difficult because of the rising price of the components. An 8GB DDR4 memory stick used to cost around $80-85 (8,500+PKR) but talking about today it costs around $120+ (12,500+PKR). All thanks to the increase in price of Dollar the prices on all the stock has increased.

If a pirate wants to play games on Console then they had to wait for year so the platform gets jailbreak. Same as PC a Standard AAA title cost around $60 (6,000+PKR) or more which is not affordable for most of the Gamers. Hopefully the situation for the Console platform will also change in the future as many PC Gamers including myself loves the Console exclusive titles.

Whether a person decides to go with a PC or Console, Gamers will always love playing games no matter what the platform is.


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