We are taking a look at the Viper V770 today.

If you are in the market for a full-size mechanical keyboard, you might have already seen the mainstream offerings by Corsair, HyperX, Razer, Logitech and Steelseries. However, if you are looking for something slightly obscure yet equally good if not better, you have the choice of buying the Viper V770 Gaming Keyboard By Patriot Viper.

At launch, the Viper V770 was priced at $120 which placed the keyboard under extreme scrutiny, as there were various other options present in the same price bracket with better features.

At the moment, the keyboard can be had for less than $100, which drastically alters the entire perspective while reviewing it.

At this price range, you get a plethora of features including RGB, USB 2.0 and audio passthrough, dedicated media keys along with a volume wheel, separate row of programmable macro keys, removable RGB wrist rest, among more.

Unboxing and Specifications of the Viper V770

The Viper V770 comes packaged in a matte black and red box with an illustration of the keyboard on the front along with the key feature written alongside

Viper V770

On the back, you have another illustration of the keyboard but the keys and other relevant features are labeled this time. In addition to that, Viper wasn’t shying away from showing the keyboard uses Kailh switches.

Inside the box, you will find:

  • Keyboard
  • LED Wrist rest
  • Keycap puller
  • Audio splitter
  • Manual

The Viper V770

The keyboard is built using aluminum and hard plastic which provides a satisfying and solid build quality. The sleek brushed aluminum finish of the keyboard is aesthetically pleasing. It follows the exposed switch design similar to other keyboard within the same price bracket. The Viper V770 comes with a detachable LED wrist rest, which not only provides comfort but also increase the overall flair. However, during my use, I knocked the wrist-rest out of place numerous times since it’s only held by magnets.


The Multimedia Keys

The Viper V770 by Patriot Viper has dedicated keys to play, pause, skip, rewind, seek, and stop. The separate volume wheel also allows you to mute the audio.

Macro Keys

You have the ability to configure the 5 dedicated macro keys to your whim, which provides flexibility.

The USB and Audio Passthrough

The USB passthrough is immensely handy if your PC is in an inconvenient spot, but do note , it is USB 2.0. Furthermore, the keyboard also allows you to connect a mic and a headset directly to it, which is also pretty dandy.

Phone Stand

Just when you thought the Viper V770 was out of features, you realize it also has a hidden phone holder. It’s a gimmick, but its still nice to have.

LED Wrist Rest

Not only does the keyboard come with a wrist rest, but it also has RGB built into it. However, since it uses magnets to latch onto the keyboard, it is easily detachable, and it can definitely become irritating.

The Glorious RGB

The keyboard is packed with RGB, from the keys themselves to the wrist rest, there is RGB on the sides as well.

THICC 1.8m Sleeved Cable

Having a thick braided cable is always a plus, as it keeps the kinks aways and adds to the aesthetics.

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Keycaps and Switches

The Viper V770 uses ABS Dual injection keycaps, which is pretty common among manufacturers. The font will hold up to extensive use, but ABS plastic isn’t really comparable to PBT Doubleshot keycaps. However, the keyboard can’t be blamed, as its a set standard within the industry. The font on the keyboard was also decent, as it wasn’t fully plain or obnoxiously gamer-y.

It was a bold choice by Patriot Viper to only release this keyboard with Kailh switches, as they aren’t as popular as CherryMX, which could deter potential buyers.

As for the switches themselves, they were smooth and consistent. Personally, I prefer switches with tactile feedback, but the Kailh Reds (Linear) in this keyboard were fine for gaming. However, if you type more than you game, I would not suggest getting light, linear switches at all.

The Lighting

The keyboard hits above its weight class by providing RGB within this price range. The RGB itself is decently bright, and you can swift through the presets via the dedicated RGB buttons on the top-left of the keyboard.

Additionally, if you want more control over the lighting, you can download the Viper software from the manufacturer’s website or I’ll just link it here. You’re welcome.

However, there aren’t that many functions or modes to play with in the software as well, but it provides a decent enough experience in a small software.


At the current market price, the Viper V770 by Patriot Viper is a great value for money. For under $100, you get a plethora of features which include RGB, Macros, Media keys, USB and Audio Passthrough, dedicated lighting keys, LED wristpad, and lastly, the amazing phone holder. However, the choice of switches can deter the mainstream buyers as they believe CherryMX is the gold standard when it comes to switches.


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