With the help of the Viper software you can control all of your Patriot peripheral devices, you don’t actually need it in order to use the mouse but it’s always good to have it so you can configure and customize the mouse easily.

Patriot did a really great job with the software, It’s simple the user interface is clean and easy to use. In the software you can configure mouse’s 13 programmable buttons and the five profile settings, the macros section is really useful especially if you play MOBA games like Dota 2. You also have access to other features such as  advanced functions and key cycle.

At the senor page you have four separate presets for tweaking the sensor’s settings and configuring the DPI independently for the X and Y axes.

Right beside the settings tab there is a RGB Range tab, from there you can choose between five lightning effects.

1st is Customize (here you can customize all five RGB zones as you like), 2nd Wave, 3rd Wave (Invert), 4th and 5th is Random 1 and Random 2. The lighting customization is quite dope and edge to edge with most of high-end RGB mouse available.


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