A Closer Look:

The beautiful look, RGB lighting, ceramic foot pads and design intended for gaming purpose and comfort. Supported by two-year award-winning warranty by Patriot. The RGB lighting is the trend, now this time every hardware and peripherals have RGB lighting. The Viper V570 has the marvelous RGB lighting style, the lights have stylishness you likewise get numerous zones you be able to modify to your choice by its software package.

This is where we can put weights according to our choice, we can increase the weight from 159.9g to max 182.3g. Patriot send seven weights in box lit but there is a room of only six we can see in a picture above. The reason of seven weights is that we can use one incase of lose one. Impressive!

Testing and Performance:

I sort out that the Patriot Viper V570 works great not solitary for gaming but efficiency as fine. This mouse is far comfortable to hold and use at a daily routine. The Avago ADNS 9800 laser sensor offered no problems at all. The sensor is exact and decent and its boundless for competitive gaming. The advantage of extra programmable buttons other than basic buttons for MMO enthusiasts and FPS players that offers wide set of additional controls. The sniper function button is not one for compatible games but likewise for further detailed control in regular everyday computing. The ceramic feet work well and have things sliding effortlessly. The adjustable wait mechanism gives you the chance to adjust mice wait to your choice. You can set different RGB Gaming profiles and sensitivity according to your taste. Overall the versatility of mouse gives you the full controls to be set off.


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