Nvidia recently enabled RTX on Pascal GPU’s, The latest GeForce Game Ready Driver from Nvidia enables a limited set of ray tracing features for the GTX 1000-series. Pascal users now have access to basic RT features and low ray count effects for games like Tomb Rider, Metro Exodus, and Battlefield V. Nvidia hopes that more users would appreciate the improved visual quality and make the jump to the new RTX 2000-series cards. Today in this review will discuss about performance last year GTX series flagship GPU GTX 1080Ti and take a good luck how it performs. DXR on older GPU’s has been working on compute shaders running over it’s CUDA cores with the lack of Turing cores, the bad news is that Raytracing performance will suck on non RTX supported cards.


  • Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocked @3.9
  • MSI X370 Gaming PRO Carbon (BIOS 1.G0)
  • Zotac Amp Extreme! GTX 1080Ti (PW 50+)
  • ANTEC HCG 750W+ GOLD Certified
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB LED C15 16GB 3000 MHz overclocked at 3200MHz at tight timings ( 14-15-17-30 )

Softwares We Used

  • 3D Mark Port Royal

Games Tested

  • Metro Exodus
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Battlefield V

Testing Notes

All the tests have been conducted on GTX 1080Ti with the help of 
MSI After-burner frame calculation, we will be including 1080p and 1440p benchmarks
and show you the performance gap between RTX Off and RTX on.


Kicking off the things with Port-Royal. It’s the only exclusive benchmark for Ray-Tracing by 3D Mark. Numbers aren’t looking great, GTX 1080Ti is 54% slower than RTX 2070 as DXR on older-cards are running on CUDA cores. Previous generation cards doesn’t have RT cores.


In this title we have real-time ray-traced reflections. Similar results but different situation, effortlessly GTX 1080Ti is easily crossing 60 FPS barrier at 1080p in DICE title with RTX High Enabled. 1440p numbers aren’t looking any good. Needless to say for the First-Person Shooter titles 60 FPS is required at least.


We have Ray-traced shadows in this game, i coudn’t notice any big difference between RTX Normal to RTX OFF visually and performance wise. It’s running at RTX High, It’s still very playable for the most of the users who want visuals and best shadows detail.

Metro Exodus

This is the kind of game we’ve been waiting for, it has ray-traced global illumination effects it improves the over-all visual effect. That kind of performance hit was expected. RTX High enabled for this game.


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