Upcoming Nvidia graphics-card GTX 1070ti  ( Vega 56 competitor) llisted online at multiple e-tailers with prices running in the six to seven-hundred euro ranges on pre-order which obviously is an unrealistic final price). Running at 1607MHz base clock with a 1683MHz boost clock. That means that the AIB partners have not been allowed to push performance forwards and factory tweak the cards any higher as rumored but users can push more with manual overclock with the tools with overclocking tools.

ASUS GTX 1070Ti Series:


There are atleast three GTX 1070ti models available in ASUS variant ( Strix ROG , Turbo , Strix ROG Gaming) Turbo is likely based on ASUS blower type reference. The products listed are for Asus, MSI and Zotac as videocardz has spotted.


MSI GTX 1070Ti Series:


There are atleast five GTX 1070ti models available in MSI variant ( Aero , Armor . Duke , Gaming , Titanium). These models are not OC version as Nvidia has fixed its clocks.


Zotac GTX 1070Ti Series:


Probably no AMP edition this time, but Zotac is focusing AMP! Extreme and Mini edition features DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort

 KFA2’s GTX 1070 Ti Pictured.







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