If you’re using an older card from Fermi Nvidia series ( 400 , 500 ) . Here i got a good news for you then. The new GeForce 384 series graphics drivers added DirectX 12 API support feature-level 12_0 games or application and WDDM 2.2 compliance for GeForce “Fermi” graphics cards on Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703). Now upcoming games will run on nvidia older cards.


DirectX 12: what is it, and why it matters to PC Gamers ?

DirectX 12 provides a 50% improvement in CPU utilization over DirectX 11, and a better distribution of work across multiple sequences of programmed instructions, or threads. There are number of PC games that taking advantage of Direct X 12, but that also means developers will likely have to shell out patches to bring their Optimization for older cards.


“DX12’s focus is on enabling a dramatic increase in visual richness through a significant decrease in API-related CPU overhead,” said Nvidia’s Henry Moreton last year. “


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