AMD has announced their new Ryzen Mobile series of processors at the end of october.
New leaks have revealed that more Ryzen-powered APUs are on the way, with a new Ryzen 3 Mobile U-series variant and also a never before seen G-series of Ryzen mobile products.

Ryzen Mobile G-series will offer higher levels of power consumption than their U-series, which means that these new APUs are likely to provide a significant performance advantage over their low-power U-series counterparts. According to the leaked slides, AMD is definitely preparing faster Mobile Ryzen APUs for the notebook platform, according to the leaked slides. The processors will be labeled as the ”G” series family and the previously launched lineup falls under the ”U” series family.
The clock speeds of these two parts are unknown at the moment, though they will be available in both 65W and 35W versions. These new Ryzen Mobile processors are expected to release in Q1 of 2018.


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