The patch adds a number of useful bug fixes and quality of life additions, along with a new weapon, new attachment and the snow-bike. Furthermore, another large issue was also addressed; Vikendi’s loot balance, a changes whose exact effects can be seen in this letter from the developer.

Arguably the most notable new addition in this update has to be the snow-bike, which will replace the motorcycle on Vikendi. Compared to the preexisting snowmobile, it is quicker and has better mobility, however, it’s very easy to blow up.Hence, players will have to be careful driving around at break-neck speeds through the trees and landscapes.

Nevertheless, lets not forget the new weather setting added as well which lets players fight for survival during the night time under the spectacular sight of the aurora borealis and a bright, shining moon lighting up the winter land just enough for players to spot each other.

The full patch notes can be read here, which includes more information about the new attachment, gun, and any other additions being introduced.


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