The main rumor is that Nvidia is either preparing to launch a GTX 1160 or an 1660 Ti GPU soon (Expreview has reported 1660 Ti, while Videocardz has reported about the 1160). Nvidia is expected to divide its RTX lineup into GTX and RTX series, with the former lacking ray tracing support. These new GPUs would still be based on the Turing architecture but would carry new model numbers.

As of now, it is not apparent whether these will be Turing-class GPUs with Ray Tracing Cores removed/disabled, or whether they will employ entirely different die. These cards could be offered as an alternative for people who are not looking to invest in RTX technology, but still want to upgrade their existing hardware. This is the current state of the speculations, and we may well find out whether these were accurate in January; the anticipated launch month of the RTX/GTX 2060/1160.


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