Another Denuvo games has joined the ranks of the fallen, being cracked with in a day. Crackers have managed to bypass Denuvo 4.6 in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. FIFA 18 and Total War: WARHAMMER 2 are the other 2 games that had Denuvo 4.6 implemented for anti piracy protection.

Denuvo was the first anti piracy protection method that had posed an actual threat to pirates and crackers alike when it was first introduced, first being implemented in FIFA 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, with the former taking over a month to be bypassed. The secret is that Denuvo uses continuous encryption and decryption which proved to be difficult to break through.

Quite a few games have been implemented with Denuvo with varying success. But now its become basically pointless as its become ineffective as a DRM method. Its isn’t known at this point if Warner Bros. will remove the DRM altogether in a future update to game, seeing as its been bypassed so soon into the game’s release.


Via VG247


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