The future of the world of computers is going to be based on new type of machines known as Quantum Computers, Scientists around the globe have been working in the field of quantum computing for many years. Microsoft is planning to release its own quantum programming language which is going to be fully compatible with Visual Studio.

Quantum computing is very different from traditional computing so it makes sense to create dedicated tools, A regular computer uses bits that are either 0 or 1 to run calculations but a quantum computer uses ”Qubits” that can be 0,1 or both 0 and 1 which gives quantum computers a much higher computing and processing power. A quantum computer uses the quantum state of atoms or molecules to perform data operations.

Microsoft thinks that researchers will be able to develop their quantum computing systems more easily with these tools. There’s going to be a quantum simulator to help developers and programmers practice with the language when they don’t have access to a quantum computer and of course most of the people don’t you’ll need somewhat 32GB of RAM to operate the quantum simulator. Even Microsoft doesn’t have access to a quantum computing platform which they hope to change soon.


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