4A Games recently posted system requirements on their web-page, it’s the first open-world metro game but very demanding on the other hand as well. Another piece of information you will be able to play with exclusive Nvidia Ray-tracing features on RTX cards. GTX 1050 is required for minimum settings at 30 frames and decent quad-core processor for 30 frames it seems, this game would be very CPU intensive. It supports DX11/DX12 API both.

For the Full HD 1080p l Vega 56 l GTX1070 l RTX 2060 GPU’s are required with the HT enabled CPU atleast Intel i7 4770k is recommended at High-settings. This title is very demanding by looking at RTX 2060, atleast you need 6GB of video-memory and 8GB of RAM but we suggest you to get a 16GB for playable experience.

For the WQHD  1440p l 60 FPS l Ultra  You need minimum 6 cores / 12 threads as 8700K is listed and 16GB of memory, from GPU department you will need GTX 1080Ti/RTX 2070/Vega 64.

and at last, for the extreme preset 4K l 60 FPS l You need atleast RTX 2080Ti and 11GB of free video-memory.

Optimal Settings:

On PC You can always tweak and play with the settings and make the experience more enjoyable and playable, RX 580/GTX 1060 users don’t lose hope, you would require 16GB of memory and decent CPU atleast 6th-gen of Intel CPU or Ryzen 1500x/1400. I hope mixture of high-medium setting would give you playable experience on 1080p for 60 FPS with Anti-Aliasing set to FXAA/SMAA.



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