HyperX has long been known to produce great headsets, especially for gaming. Used by pros all over the globe, their headsets are certainly second to none when it comes to sheer audio quality as well as bang for buck. This review will go over the main features, pros, and cons, and a recommendation regarding the HyperX Cloud Pro Silver variant, evaluating whether it is a good option for gamers on a budget that aren’t willing to compromise on quality.


The headset features an Aluminium frame surrounded by leatherette padding all over. A silver HyperX logo is printed on each can, which feature a 53mm driver for the audio output. The headband is padded extremely well, with high quality machine stitching going across its edges along with an embroidered HyperX logo in the very center of it. The Aluminium headband features seven-steps for height adjustment, allowing the headset to accommodate both, larger shaped heads, as well as narrow ones. The cable itself is fully braided all throughout, including the extension cord that is included with the headset. Another thing that you get in the box is a detachable mic, a mesh carrying pouch and the aforementioned extension cable.


Having used the headset for roughly 8 months, not only is the headset durable, but also superbly comfortable. As a person who has to wear prescription glasses at all times, including gaming, I have had my issues in the past with headsets squeezing too tightly around my ears leading to headaches. However, the leatherette padding of the Cloud Pro’s is excellent in this respect. Even though it has a relatively tight grip, I have never felt any aching around my ears from prolonged wear. The headband, which is padded with the same leatherette material (though not as much foam) is also extremely comfortable and you would never feel any pressure on the top of your head while gaming.


Even after 8 months of regular use, the headset looks more or less good as new, with no scratches or signs of wear and tear even on the leather padding. The braided cable has also held up very well, with no fraying or damage seen anywhere after constantly being stepped, yanked, and scuffed by accident over the course of its life.


The 53mm drivers featured in the earcups are the same ones present in older versions of the Cloud series. The speakers are probably the most standout feature of the headset, delivering an excellent balance between mids, lows, and highs. The bass is also quite punchy, though it is at no point muddy or overpowered in comparison to the other frequencies. With an impedance of 60ohms and a frequency range between 15Hz and 25000Hz, this is certainly a headset that can benefit from good quality DACs. As it was designed with gamers in mind, the sound signature of the headset really helps in identifying enemy footsteps and gunshots at distance owing to the way the drivers handle these sounds. Besides sound, the headset also features in-line controls which are compatible with PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The controls feature a mic mute button and a volume control gear. The main connector of the headset features a combination jack for both the audio and the mic, while the extension cable splits these into individual outputs for PC users. With a detachable mic, users could also use the headset outdoors for music only, without the mic getting in the way.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent balance between sound quality and cost
  • Very durable and relatively lightweight
  • A superb mic


  • 3.5mm connectors instead of USB for PC
  • In-line control volume control gets changed easily if accidentally touched

Conclusion and Recommendation

The HyperX Cloud Pro is definitely a good option for buyers on a budget of around Rs. 10,000 or below, with the most common price for this particular model being around Rs. 9000. Given its no-compromise design and bang for buck. At this price point, there really isn’t much competition for the Cloud Pro’s and it gets a solid recommendation from the team here at PPG.



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