It is rumoured that Intel will be releasing their 9th generation of core CPUs in 2018.
Motherboard manifacturers in Taiwan have confirmed that Intel’s upcoming 9th generation will feature more cores/threads than it’s 8th generation predecessor, According to HKEPC. The core/thread count is 2 times larger than Intel’s i7 7700k ,which launched earlier this year.

Processor Name Intel Core i5-8600K Intel Core i5-9600K Intel Core i7-8700K Intel Core i7-9700K
Core Family Coffee Lake 8th Gen Coffee Lake Refresh 9th Gen? Coffee Lake 8th Gen Coffee Lake Refresh 9th Gen?
Process 14nm++ ? 14nm++ ?
Cores / Threads 6/6 6/12 6/12 8/16
Clock Speeds (Base) 3.6 GHz ? 3.7 GHz ?
Clock Speeds (Boost) 4.3 GHz ? 4.7 GHz ?
TDP 95W 92W 95W ?
L3 Cache 9 MB 12 MB 12 MB 16 MB
Price $257 US ? $359 US ?
Launch 2017 2018 2017 2018

Intel is set to offer same core/thread counts as Ryzen on their desktop platform.
These CPUs are expected to be available on Intel’s rumoured Z390 motherboard platform, though this has not been confirmed. Older rumours have suggested that Intel would release an 8-core product for Z390 in 2018.

It is easy to tell that the Coffee Lake was an immediate and rushed response to AMD’s Ryzen but with 9th generation, Intel will have a good amount of time to release a strong competitor.


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