Asus Republic of Gamers motherboard Product Manager Andrew Wu has told Bit-tech in an interview that earlier generation of motherboards based on the Intel Z270 platform are compatible with the Intel Coffee Lake processors, When asked why Coffee Lake processors are not compatible with Z270 chipset, He explained that “It depends on Intel’s decision”.

ASUS could make their Z270 motherboards compatible with Coffee Lake processors. For that, however, they’d need “(…) an upgrade from the ME [Management Engine] and a BIOS update”, which “Intel somehow has locked the compatibility.” Andrew said.

Z370 motherboards have more active pins but those extra pins direct on providing more power but it seems like all of the extra pins doesn’t really any difference in the grand scheme of the current Coffee Lake lineup with up to six core CPUs, it would seem that Intel could have allowed support for Coffee Lake on Z270 motherboards with CPUs up to six cores but new revisions would be required on the Z370 platform to allow eight core CPUs for operations.

If Intel had not cut off the use of Coffee Lake processors on Intel Z270 motherboards and the vast majority of users would not have preferred to purchase an Intel Z370 motherboard and that would have caused a great lose into sales of Z370 motherboards.

Source : Techpowerup,Bit-tech


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