Intel’s plans to launch a line of discrete GPUs in 2020, Recently Intel has announced that their data-center GPU ” Intel Xe ” will support Ray-Tracing. The Ray-tracing is similar to Nvidia RTX and will be hardware enabled at the moment it’s only for data-center but gaming GPU’s will likely follow.

"I’m pleased to share today that the Intel Xe architecture roadmap for 
datacenter optimized rendering includes ray tracing hardware acceleration 
support for the Intel Rendering Framework family of API’s and libraries," 
wrote Jim Jeffers, senior principal engineer and senior director of 
Intel's advanced rendering and visualization team.

Other Graphics Industries will follow the same approach, The next-gen AMD line-up of gaming graphics hardware apparently have some ray-tracing and recently Nvidia has expanded the ray-tracing for older cards they now support it through Microsoft DXR API. Intel is possibly be taking different approach as Nvidia has RT cores for the ray-tracing in RTX GPU’s.


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