The Optane SSD 900P is the new high performance business sector SSD from Intel and it’s official launch will take place on October 27 during CitizenCon.



Intel’s Optane SSD is adapt to the business class and workstation sectors that manages a lot of heavy data and it will first become available in 240 and 480 GB of storage capacity.

Optane 900P are 3D XPoint memory based SSDs with read and write performance of 2,500 and 2,000 MB/s with regard to 4K random read and write the SSD have a output of 55K/50K IOPS respectively, The SSD consumes 5W in idle and 18W under full load.

The SSD will become available in the form of a PCI-Express x4 3.0U.2 port and SATA III 6.0 Gbps (2.5). The prices are yet to be revealed by Intel though an Optane M.2 of 32 GB is selling for around $100.


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