Intel is set to start shipping 10nm parts by the end of 2017 in company’s Q3 2017 earnings call the company has stated that they are set to start shipping 10nm silicon before the end of the year. Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake architecture is expected to become a part of Intel’s eighth generation lineup. Intel are promising a 2.7x logic transistor density improvement with Cannon Lake for peak performance and energy efficiency compared to the competition.

‘ ‘We’re on track to ship our first low-volume 10-nanometer part by the end of the year. That will be followed by the initial ramp in the first half of 2018, with both high volume and system availability in the second half of 2018. ”  –Brian Krzanich CEO of Intel

You may have to wait until mid-2018 at the soonest to walk into a store and by a PC powered by one of the new processors, Although the first ‘Cannon Lake’ chips could land by end of 2017 but in small volume probably for OEM’s. . 10nm is a huge process leap for Intel, so much so that they call their new 10nm process a “full generation ahead” of their competition, offering offers 2.7x the transistor density this will allow intel to make microprocessors much smaller.




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