As Intel is stepping up to launch their 8th Generation Coffee Lake desktop processors in October, Which is led by their 6C/12T Core i7 8700K. These processors will only work on Z370,H370 & B360 motherboards but the motherboards itself will be using the same socket which was previously used on 6th/7th Generation of motherboards but won’t support the old ones (100-200 series).

Today, we finally have the leaked benchmarks of Intel’s Core i7 8700K which we can compare it’s performance with the available desktops processors in the market.

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The Intel’s Core i7 comes with Six Physical Core with Hyper-Threading enabled, Equipped with 12 MB of cache and a Base/Boost Clock of 3.7/4.5 GHz. The processor itself supports LGA 1151 socket with a nominal TDP of 95W. The CPU is expected to cost arounds $379.99.

Intel is promising a 50% increase in the performance to it’s i7 8700K compared to i7 7700K, This statement was confirmed by the chipmakers.

In the Cinebench R15, Cinebench R11.5, wPrime 2.10 and Fritz Chess benchmarks, the Intel’s “6-Core” bypasses the Core i7-7700K (4C/8T @ 4.2/4.5 GHz) with a prominent margin and Core i7-7800X (6C/12T @ 3.5/4 GHz). The Cinebench CPU performance tests that was not released yet showed almost comparable performance to Ryzen 7 1700 with 8C/16T.

Intel Core i7-8700K is expected to be comparable to the flagship processors of the Kaby Lake-S family in Single-Threaded performance. In wPrime, The Intel Core i7-8700K manages to beat every processor in a Single-Thread and in Multi-Thread performance also. In Cinebench R11.5 benchmark, the Core i7-8700K was faster than AMD’s 8C/16T processor in both Single and Multi-Threading.

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