Now Intel is adding extra sugar in Coffee. Introducing 6 new 9th-gen core CPU’s without iGPU. Intel’s existing nomenclature the CPUs with model numbers ending with F lack integrated graphics, there will be six new SKU’s. A new model is the Core i5 9400F, this CPU doesn’t support hyper-threading. The higher-end Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF, and Core i5-9600KF runs at same frequency as you can see the full list below. How ever the brand-new Intel i5 9400 will run at 2.9GHz base and nice 4.10Ghz turbo boost with the 9MB of L3 cache. Here’s the full list of Intel 9th-Gen CPUs:

Core i9-9900K – 8C/16T – 3.6/5.0GHz / UHD 630 / $488
Core i9-9900KF – 8C/16T – 3.6/5.0GHz / NO iGPU / $NA
Core i7-9700K – 8C/8C – 3.6/4.9GHz – UHD 630 / $374
Core i7-9700KF – 8C/8C – 3.6/4.9GHz – NO iGPU / $NA
Core i5-9600K – 6C/6T – 3.7/4.6GHz – UHD 630 – $262
Core i5-9600KF – 6C/6T – 3.7/4.6GHz – NO iGPU – $NA
Core i5-9400 – 6C/6T – 2.9/4.1GHz – UHD 630 – $NA
Core i5-9400F – 6C/6T – 2.9/4.1GHz – NO iGPU – $NA.
Core i3-9350KF – 4C/4T – 4.0/4.6GHz – NO iGPU – $NA

We’re not sure when these new CPU’s will hit the market but stay-tuned we will keep you update.


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